A diverse team of digital advertising veterans took the travel network they had built and used it as the cornerstone to create a tool that would simplify the entire process of buying direct ads on social media.

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New Ad Platform Revolutionizes How Travel Destinations Use Social Media

Bay Area-Based Startup, Social Compile, Launches Tool for Marketers to Run Ads Through Hundreds of Premium Social Media Pages

SAN RAMON, CA – August 27, 2018 – After assembling the world’s largest 3rd-party social ad network (reaching an audience of +35 million), a team of advertisers were left wondering why the process of dealing with independent social publishers had to be so time-intensive and frustrating.

This small, diverse team of digital advertising veterans took the global network they had built and used it as the cornerstone to develop something new; a tool that would simplify the entire process of buying direct ads on social media.

They called it “Social Compile.”

“We had this ‘a-ha’ moment, where we realized we could fill a huge gap in the toolset that was available to marketers,” said Jin Kim, Founder of Social Compile. “Everyone can see that travel audiences are increasingly influenced by independent social media pages — but if you want to run direct ads on one of those pages, it’s like the wild west: no safety standards, no pricing standards, no way to scale, no easy way to measure the value of what you’re buying.”

The ad tech space was nothing new to Kim, who worked for years developing strategic programs for major players like Oracle, ISV Partners, and MobileFuse. To help guide Social Compile to market, Kim brought on Brian Mikalis, former SVP of Monetization and Mid-Market Sales for Pandora.

Social Compile officially launched earlier this month at the 2018 eTourism Summit in San Francisco.

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10x the Engagement with 10% of the Work

Since the platform launched in early October, Destination Marketing Organizations, including Visit Savannah and Visit Valley Forge, have both seen impressive results in their initial campaigns. In addition to impacting brand awareness, engagement, and favorability, Visit Savannah saw a 2x boost on Google Trends, compared to any other point in the previous 12 months.

“Social Compile is a partner we will definitely be working with more, moving forward.”

-Edward Harris | CMO of Visit Valley Forge.

Larger destination clients, including Visit the Philippines, Visit South Australia, and Visit Barcelona, have also seen excellent results running campaigns on the Social Compile network. They have succeeded in reaching millions of followers while driving 10x the average engagement seen from ads published on the Facebook ad platform.

Visit Savannah Case Study Social Compile

Quick and Safe

“The best thing about this platform is the amount of time it saves,” said Kevin Almeida, VP of Marketing for Social Compile. “In the same amount of time it used to take to run a campaign on one Instagram feature page, you can now run a campaign on hundreds of engaging, brand-safe pages. Anyone who has ever used Facebook or Google’s ad platforms can pick this up in an instant.”

Speed and safety are the two main components that make up the foundation of Social Compile. Advertisers simply have to upload their creatives, set budget and targeting information, and click launch. A proprietary Machine Learning Algorithm automatically identifies the ideal publishers for the campaign and contacts the publishers with all the pertinent information.


Metrics for Success

When Brian Mikalis, a former SVP of Pandora, came on board to Social Compile, his primary emphasis was making sure the platform offered advertisers some unique tools to track top-of-funnel campaign performance.

“It wasn’t enough to just track impressions and ‘likes,’” said Mikalis. “These days, that doesn’t cut it. We needed to be able to provide clients with more meaningful data.”

The Social Compile dashboard goes beyond traditional social ad performance and examines everything from Google Search Trends to recurring keywords in Instagram comments, quantifying exactly how the campaign has made an impact on three key metrics:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Brand Favorability
  • Brand Engagement

A New Kind of Ad Network

To make Social Compile a reality, Kim looked to the extensive publisher relationships his team had built in the travel sector, reaching more than 35 million travel enthusiasts around the world.

“It was an exciting opportunity,” said Ian Harper, Director at CP Creatives, one of the premium publishers on the Social Compile Network (audience +2 million). “There was really no downside for us, whatsoever. The platform automatically identifies ad campaigns that are a good fit for our page and sends the opportunities our way. By standardizing pricing and brand safety guidelines, Social Compile made the whole process instantaneous.”

“Every publisher we spoke to wanted to be a part of this,” said Kim. “When we were building up the network, we found that we really struck a nerve; we’d hit on an industry-wide problem that needed fixing.”


Learn more about the Social Compile Platform at www.socialcompile.com.


About Social Compile

Social Compile is the world’s largest 3rd party social ad network, designed by advertisers, for advertisers. Our mission is to provide brands with direct ad placement opportunities across hundreds of brand-safe social media publishers, with a process and interface that is simple, quick, safe, and transparent.

Conceived and developed by a diverse team of marketing and technology experts from all over the world, the Social Compile ad platform was born out of the pains that all digital advertisers deal with: rampant fraud, low publisher quality, and an overall lack of visibility. At the same time, we found that our network of hand-picked, premium social media publishers were frustrated with an industry-wide lack of standardization, which made the process of onboarding new clients long and frustrating for everyone involved.

By creating a simple, standardized ad platform that connects brands with premium publishers, Social Compile has created a whole new way to advertise on social media.

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Media Contact: Jin Kim or Kevin Almeida at Social Compile, (415) 534-6500 or info@socialcompile.com.

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